Omega Speedmaster’s Dark Moon Side Now Watches Four New Colorways

When the Omega Speedmaster Dark Of Of Moon debuted at the 2013 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, many people saw it as an instant classic and for good reason. Its black ceramic case, dial, crown and button – paired with the name of the cooler that the Swiss watch industry has proposed for a long time – “DSotM” quickly moved from the boutique window to the waiting list for several months. After last year’s Grey Side Of Of Moon (being here), the amazing dark black returns, this time, there are four new colors.

In order to cut directly into the chase, here are the four new models of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Moon, as shown above from left to right: Sedna Black (Ref. 311., Vintage Black (Ref. 319.22) . , Pitch Black (Ref. 311., and very suitable Black Black (Ref. 311.

First, the similarities: all four versions use the Cheap Omega Replica Watches coaxial 9300 calibre, running seconds in 9 minutes and 30 minutes, and running 12 hours chronograph in 3 minutes – there is currently no coaxial on it. The master’s statement that the anti-magnetic to 15,000 Gauss – the original 44.25 mm wide and 16.14 mm thick black ceramic (ZrO2) shell, as well as the original Omega Speedmaster dark black moon brushed ceramic bottom cover ring.

Now, for the difference: the strange one must be Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of Of Moon black black, probably the most surprising model in this lot, and – and prepare something darker than here – a black case black ceramic The dial uses laser technology “matte”, black application index, black Super-LumiNova index and 12 points two points. Given the dark theme and the appearance of the original Omega Speedmaster Dark Moon (reviewed here), Omega Replica Watches decided to go all out to create one of today’s most impressive all-black high-end watches. Omega Speedmaster Black Moon Black Black has joined a slow and steady growth of the black watch set, including Bell & Ross BR03-92, as well as many different Hublot products (so the tourbillon minute repeater), or Roman Gemma Batman DNA .

Although the all-black watch is definitely not for everyone – although we really look forward to reporting on how the part performs in the department – legibility and functionality can be said to be part of the back seat – Omega Speedmaster Dark Moon Black Black It is likely that now is the most powerful contender in the group. This Moon Watch design element is a cool addition to the black hole-like aesthetics of light absorption.

Sedna Black adds some extra pop music to the black look with 18k Sedna Gold components and two small but noticeable red splashes. Specifically, the bezel is now available in brushed 18k Sedna Gold with matt ceramic ring inlay and matt chromium nitride speedometer scale, while the hand and application index is also in Sedna Gold. The patented gold alloy made of palladium, copper and at least 75% gold is Omega’s proprietary: Sedna Gold has been specifically developed to make ordinary red gold more durable and more aesthetically pleasing in the long run.

It can obviously be used as a matte gray dial with gold pointers and pointers for some obvious contrasts – this is something that Omega Speedmaster dark moon black black deliberately lacks. If the face of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon Sedna Black looks familiar, there is a good reason: it looks very similar to last year’s Speedmaster Apollo 11 45th Moonwatch Anniversary (hands here), the same color combination And the matt dial, all marked (except the gold index) relief, using laser ablation technology. You can read more about the dial in the hands-on article we link above.

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of Of Moon is a bridge between the original Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of Of Moon and Sedna Black: it replaces the 2-year-old model’s green index and silver speedometer scale with Omega Replica as “Vintage” “: The ceramic bezel now has a “Vintage” Super-LumiNova on the tachometer scale and on the hands and hands. This is the case with the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of Of Moon: this balance is between these vintage orange tones and the black dial and case – no other color anywhere on the watch – silver minute tracks and tiny splashes on the original The red color has been omitted.

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of Of Moon Pitch Black uses this two-color color scheme, although it is a more dynamic and dynamic way: the infinite dark black of ceramic matches the activated green of SuperLuminova, which has been applied to the scale of the speedometer, everyone And the index.

You read it correctly: Vintage Black and Pitch Black are said to have a speedometer scale, reminiscent of the recently updated Speedmaster Mark II design (review here) – check out our review of this work on the tachometer scale How amazing the lumens look!

All in all, contrary to the preservation of these four visually distinct and highly consistent versions in the next few years, Fake Omega Watches – our most surprising – decided to make its debut at the 2015 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. The four new colors Omega Speedmaster Dark Of Of Moon are all uniquely designed in different colors – from bezel material to dial treatment until they are inspired – to create no less than six stunning Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon ceramic products – including the original DSotM and the gray side including the moon – are available.