How to understand the Omega Replica 14 number

Today I’d like to talk to you about the Omega replica watches forum number. Players, sellers are talking about the number of the table, especially Rolex and Patek Philippe, the watch’s name is “non-existent”, a number, we all know what the table is more convenient to say. In addition to labor and PP, like Vacheron Constantin, Blancpain, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Panerai, Glashütte original, etc., players, sellers are also used to communicate numbers. Only a mainstream brand here is a special case, that is Omega. Because the Omega number is too long, in addition to looking for a specific table, in the WeChat, SMS number, usually no one would say that Omega number. Others number, Panerai 3, Patek Philippe, Blancpain 4, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars 5-digit, the old Rolex 5 digits in the sale of 6-digit, Rolex 6 digit is the number of more, The results Omega directly to a 14-digit, who remember to live? And Omega’s 14-digit number is also divided into 6 segments. For example 311. This is the dark side of the Omega moon number, who opened his mouth, that is the god.

Omega Speedmaster dark side, number 311., below I will use this table as an example.

Although we can not remember, but we can understand ah.
Fellow brothers know that some watches no rule number, some watches have a regular number. The most typical is Rolex, a few figures, different numbers represent different meanings, look at the number can know what the table. Although the Omega number up to 6 14, but Omega instead is the most regular, 6 numbers, each paragraph represents a meaning. Here I will give you a paragraph for a note, after reading, brothers will find that “I rely on, so simple.”
Take the code “311.” of the dark side of Omega Speedmaster for example.

Omega Seamaster 300 meters diving watch, number

Omega number the first paragraph (311. 311)
Omega number the first paragraph of numbers, on behalf of Omega best replica watches review series. For example, 311 stands for Omega Speedmaster series. Several Omega main series numbers are as follows:

123 – Constellation

231 – Sea Horse Aqua Terra

233 – Seamaster 300 (engraved that)

212 – Seamaster 300 meters diving watch

215/232 – Sea Horse Ocean Universe

311 – Supermaster

331 – Super 57

327 – Super Mark II

425 – Ladymatic
Everybody can compare this figure, even if we can not remember, but we look at the first paragraph of numbers, we know that is representative of the various series of Omega watches.

Omega new Seamaster AT, number

The second paragraph of the Omega number (that is, 92 of 311.
Omega number of the second paragraph, on behalf of Omega watch case, bracelet material. For example, 10 on behalf of stainless steel case, stainless steel bracelet. 92 of the dark side of the month on behalf of K gold, stainless steel case and bracelet outside the material, because the dark side of the ceramic table is the month, so 92 is the material other than steel and gold. The second paragraph of the Omega number from 10 to 98 a lot of numbers, because Omega case, bracelet too much material, too many combinations, so a lot of numbers.

Omega Gold constellation, number

Omega number the third paragraph (that is, 311. 44)
Omega number third paragraph figures, representing the size of the watch. Such as the dark side of the month number 44, on behalf of this watch size 44 mm. The third paragraph of figures is more intuitive for us, let’s look at the number to know the size of the watch.

Omega Seamaster 300, number

Omega number fourth paragraph number (311. in 51)
Omega fourth paragraph number, on behalf of the luxury replica watches review movement. The fourth paragraph of the figure is rather special, is divided to see. For example, this 51, divided into 5 and 1. The numbers in front indicate the type of movement, and the numbers in the back represent the number of functions in the movement (number of functions outside the calendar in minutes and seconds). Month of the dark side of the number 51 is how come, I write the following, you see it.

0 – mechanical movement

1 – Observatory movement

2-coaxial escapement movement

3 – chronograph movement

4 – Observatory chronograph movement

5 – coaxial escapement chronograph movement

6 – quartz movement

7 – quartz chronograph movement
Omega Speedmaster dark side 311. The fourth paragraph of the figure is 51, we see at a glance 5, on behalf of coaxial escapement timing, 1 on behalf of the addition of hours and minutes seconds, the calendar, there is an additional function ( Time zone function, because now Omega use 8500 and above the movement, can adjust the time zone alone), so add up to 51.

Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe, number

Omega number fifth paragraph number (311. 01)
Omega fifth paragraph number, on behalf of the dial type. For example, super dark month in the face 311. 01, on behalf of the “black” dial. As before, I’ll also list some of the major color numbers below.

01 – black

02 – silver

03– blue

04 – white

06 – gray

08 – champagne

09 – Ivory

11 – red

12 – yellow

13 – brown
In addition to the major colors listed above, Omega has identified some of the other special dial numbers 51 to 64, and 51 to 64 all refer to gem dials in different colors. For example, 51 is a black gem dial, 52 is a silver gem dial. More special is 99,99 on behalf of a special dial, such as Omega meteorite dial.

Omega Speedmaster 57, number 331.

Omega sixth paragraph number (311. 007)
Omega sixth paragraph number, on behalf of product serial number. This part number is not useful to our players.
I help you brothers summary.
Omega 14 number, 6, sum up is:
Watch series · Case bracelet · Watch size · Movement · Dial · Product serial number

Omega Speedmaster MKII, number 327.

For Omega this set of numbering method, there are players to explore its advantages and disadvantages. I think the advantage is that this set of numbers Omega actually very intuitive, each paragraph represents a fixed meaning. A look at the number of swiss movement replica watches can be found in a variety of configurations, and then at least we can see from the number of watch the size of it. Many other brands watches, like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Blancpain, Panerai, etc., is a number, there is no corresponding so meticulous. As for the shortcomings, some people say that the number of Omega has not included the production year, waterproof some other information. I said no mistake, brother … If you then include other information, then the number is not 20,30 numbers, 14 numbers do not feel long enough?