Omega Speedmaster’s Dark Moon Side Now Watches Four New Colorways

When the Omega Speedmaster Dark Of Of Moon debuted at the 2013 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, many people saw it as an instant classic and for good reason. Its black ceramic case, dial, crown and button – paired with the name of the cooler that the Swiss watch industry has proposed for a long time – “DSotM” quickly moved from the boutique window to the waiting list for several months. After last year’s Grey Side Of Of Moon (being here), the amazing dark black returns, this time, there are four new colors.

In order to cut directly into the chase, here are the four new models of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Moon, as shown above from left to right: Sedna Black (Ref. 311., Vintage Black (Ref. 319.22) . , Pitch Black (Ref. 311., and very suitable Black Black (Ref. 311.

First, the similarities: all four versions use the Cheap Omega Replica Watches coaxial 9300 calibre, running seconds in 9 minutes and 30 minutes, and running 12 hours chronograph in 3 minutes – there is currently no coaxial on it. The master’s statement that the anti-magnetic to 15,000 Gauss – the original 44.25 mm wide and 16.14 mm thick black ceramic (ZrO2) shell, as well as the original Omega Speedmaster dark black moon brushed ceramic bottom cover ring.

Now, for the difference: the strange one must be Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of Of Moon black black, probably the most surprising model in this lot, and – and prepare something darker than here – a black case black ceramic The dial uses laser technology “matte”, black application index, black Super-LumiNova index and 12 points two points. Given the dark theme and the appearance of the original Omega Speedmaster Dark Moon (reviewed here), Omega Replica Watches decided to go all out to create one of today’s most impressive all-black high-end watches. Omega Speedmaster Black Moon Black Black has joined a slow and steady growth of the black watch set, including Bell & Ross BR03-92, as well as many different Hublot products (so the tourbillon minute repeater), or Roman Gemma Batman DNA .

Although the all-black watch is definitely not for everyone – although we really look forward to reporting on how the part performs in the department – legibility and functionality can be said to be part of the back seat – Omega Speedmaster Dark Moon Black Black It is likely that now is the most powerful contender in the group. This Moon Watch design element is a cool addition to the black hole-like aesthetics of light absorption.

Sedna Black adds some extra pop music to the black look with 18k Sedna Gold components and two small but noticeable red splashes. Specifically, the bezel is now available in brushed 18k Sedna Gold with matt ceramic ring inlay and matt chromium nitride speedometer scale, while the hand and application index is also in Sedna Gold. The patented gold alloy made of palladium, copper and at least 75% gold is Omega’s proprietary: Sedna Gold has been specifically developed to make ordinary red gold more durable and more aesthetically pleasing in the long run.

It can obviously be used as a matte gray dial with gold pointers and pointers for some obvious contrasts – this is something that Omega Speedmaster dark moon black black deliberately lacks. If the face of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon Sedna Black looks familiar, there is a good reason: it looks very similar to last year’s Speedmaster Apollo 11 45th Moonwatch Anniversary (hands here), the same color combination And the matt dial, all marked (except the gold index) relief, using laser ablation technology. You can read more about the dial in the hands-on article we link above.

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of Of Moon is a bridge between the original Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of Of Moon and Sedna Black: it replaces the 2-year-old model’s green index and silver speedometer scale with Omega Replica as “Vintage” “: The ceramic bezel now has a “Vintage” Super-LumiNova on the tachometer scale and on the hands and hands. This is the case with the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of Of Moon: this balance is between these vintage orange tones and the black dial and case – no other color anywhere on the watch – silver minute tracks and tiny splashes on the original The red color has been omitted.

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of Of Moon Pitch Black uses this two-color color scheme, although it is a more dynamic and dynamic way: the infinite dark black of ceramic matches the activated green of SuperLuminova, which has been applied to the scale of the speedometer, everyone And the index.

You read it correctly: Vintage Black and Pitch Black are said to have a speedometer scale, reminiscent of the recently updated Speedmaster Mark II design (review here) – check out our review of this work on the tachometer scale How amazing the lumens look!

All in all, contrary to the preservation of these four visually distinct and highly consistent versions in the next few years, Fake Omega Watches – our most surprising – decided to make its debut at the 2015 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. The four new colors Omega Speedmaster Dark Of Of Moon are all uniquely designed in different colors – from bezel material to dial treatment until they are inspired – to create no less than six stunning Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon ceramic products – including the original DSotM and the gray side including the moon – are available.

Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M Coaxial Master Observatory Watch

Pleasantly (which may be expensive for lovers like me), people are surprised to find that Cheap Omega Replica Watches will soon release the new 2015 Seamaster Ploprof 1200M watch. In 2007, Omega released the latest “new” Seamaster Ploprof 1200M, based on cult – from 1970 on the collection of antique diving watches. In 2015, we received an interesting and popular update to the 2007 Seamaster Ploprof 1200M and Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M coaxial master chronograph.

I visited the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M watch last time and conducted a physical review in 2012. Although I am not a Ploprof fanatic in history (just like some people), I am open to this peculiar tool-type diving watch. After wearing the Ploprof 1200M for a while, I really liked it. The new 2015 Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M coaxial master chronograph is obviously more popular. If you have an upcoming Seamaster Ploprof 1200M watch, should you buy one of the new coaxial timers? This is a very good question. On the one hand, they are very visually similar, with the same size case and very similar dial. It is said that the 2015 Omega Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M coaxial master chronograph has some very attractive upgrades – so the owners of modern models may have a tough choice.

Let’s start with the sport. Omega Replica Watches decided to match the Omega Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M Coaxial Master Chronograph to the new 8900 Series calibre of the 2015 Omega Globemaster Coaxial Master Chronograph (here). This movement is basically the same as the 8500 series of internally manufactured Omega movements in the 2007 Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M, but includes the diamagnetic technology previously known as the “coaxial master.” It also uses Omega’s new certification program, which first sends the campaign to COSC for observatory certification, on Omega, and then carries out additional, more rigorous testing. The accuracy of the coaxial master chronograph is said to average -0, + 5 seconds per day.

Let us recall this; the 8900 series movement is more or less the same as the 8500 series movement, but with anti-magnetic components, almost completely resistant to magnetic fields. The 8900 movement also features Omega’s new METAS-certified watch. The 2015 Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M coaxial chronograph has a sapphire crystal case back that shows the movement. Yes, this watch is water resistant to 1,200 meters and has a display on the back. I don’t think I have met before – cool?

The 2015 Omega Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M Coaxial Master Observatory is the 8912 automatic movement made by Fake Omega Watches. This is the “no date” version of the 8900, operating at 3.5 Hz and 60 minutes of power reserve. This is a great sport, all those that focus on a strong magnetic field while diving for 1000 meters or more. Are those situations that you often find yourself?

Although the 2007 Omega Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M model has a steel case and bezel set with a sapphire crystal surface, the Omega Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M coaxial main chronograph features a titanium case and a ceramic bezel. These details make a huge difference in how these watches are worn. The Omega Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M has always been a huge watch, now made of titanium, which is lighter in weight. Although the case is 55 mm wide and 48 mm high, it feels great on the wrist. In addition to titanium, the same is true for mesh metal straps and spreaders, which is good news. This is the first titanium mesh metal bracelet I know of. Omega Replica actually includes a rubber strap, each Omega Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M coaxial master chronograph and bracelet – which is quite good, but at the same time, this is not a cheap watch.

The “no date” version of the Omega Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M dial is a bit better because it offers a more symmetrical look, but in addition it looks like the appearance of the Omega Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M dial with the iconic orange minute hand. Its pure function and legibility are beautiful for some people. In 2015, Swiss Omega Watches launched four Omega Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M coaxial master chronometers, including black bezel, blue dial, blue dial and 18k gold bezel, white dial with blue bezel, and another with gray ceramic watch ring.

The ceramic bezel looks great and offers cut marks. The whole point of the odd Omega Seamaster Ploprof housing design is that there is a pusher that, when pressed, allows the rotating diver’s bezel to rotate – the helium escape valve has been placed on the underside of the bezel lock pusher post. When you unscrew the big crown, there is a crown-like protection system that looks very hard. It’s actually part of the watch’s features, even if you don’t need to build a diving watch like a tank.

Diving watch enthusiasts eager to enjoy Omega’s latest and greatest sporting technology will be delighted to hear that the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M is now a fun upgrade and a recipient of Omega’s diamagnetic motion technology. The new colors offer more changes, but at the end of the day, even the modern Omega Hippocampus Ploprof 1200M watch with 8500 movements will be deeply romantic with the new 2015 Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M Coaxial Master Time Series. . Although the black and black model may be my first choice, the white dial with the blue border option is talking to me. Although, at these prices, you will want to get a lot of miles from these watches.

The price of the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M Coaxial Master Observatory is $12,600. O22790552101001 black dial with black bezel and reference price of $12,600. O22790552104001 white dial with blue bezel at a reference price of $13,800. O22790552199001 grey dial with a reference price of $18,000. O22760552103001 blue dial and 18k Sedna gold. The watch should be shipped after the Omega Globemaster at the end of 2015.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Two-Color Sedna Gold Watch Sightseeing Hands

The Speedmaster Mark II Coaxial Chronograph, which was “reissued” last year in 2014, is very popular for Omega. I know because I not only got one, but some of my friends also did it. Although I prefer the more traditional black and white dial, last year Cheap Omega Replica Watches introduced two other versions, including the Omega Speedmaster Mk II gray and orange “racing dial” (reviewed here) and the limited edition Rio 2016 Olympic model, gold, bronze and Silver small dial. Obviously, the “new” Omega Speedmaster Mark II is so popular that Omega thinks it’s time to switch to steel and gold – this is the Omega Speedmaster Mark II coaxial chronograph Sedna gold watch we launched in 2015. .

Literally, the Omega Super Series Mk II Sedna Gold is your favorite for the all-steel Omega Super Series Mk II – but just blingier. Just shutting down a large number of people (Speedmaster people are often tool watch purists), but maybe, you just have enough cheers and are excited about the concept of more 18k Sedna gold in your watch diet.

Omega Today is an incredibly diversified brand that offers everything from the watch king of all tools (Supermaster Professional Moon Watch) to the tourbillon and classic diamond models. Most people may have never seen a more “decadence” of the brand’s fare, which is quite rare. In 2015, it included a variety of Ploprof watch-set gemstones, which cost more than $800,000. More about those… Omega Replica seems to like to offer diving watches in the most expensive clothing options. You may remember that the (actually cool) Omega Seahorse Planet GMT uses pure platinum (orange).

Back in the 2015 Omega Speedmaster Mk II Sedna Gold, we have more “mainstream” things that remind me of the taste of Texas watches. Houston also happens to be the seat of NASA – although it is the center of Speedmaster, it is not without the love of gold (including Gold Speedmasters). Therefore, for those watch enthusiasts who like to have some wealth on their watches, Omega Replica Watches offers a two-color version of one of our favorite modern Omega Speedmaster watches (in view of it, it does not really narrow its scope. Probably Too many modern Speedmasters that we really like.

The Omega Speedmaster Mk II is 43 mm wide and modernized the original Mark II series from the 1970s. It is slightly larger in size and features a modern bracelet and a modern Omega 3330 automatic chronograph movement. This movement is partly made in-house (the rest is from ETA, like Omega, part of the Swatch Group), including the coaxial escapement and some silicon components. The 3330 movement has further passed the COSC Observatory certification, which in my opinion is one of the best values ​​of the brand’s lineup (at least on all-steel models). My only complaint about the 3330 is that in order to set the date quickly, you need to use the fixed push box on the left side of the chassis. Otherwise, the Omega Speedmaster Mk II is a perfect watch.

Some awake tool watches look all-steel Omega Speedmaster Mark II is changed in this two-tone model because the gold element is polished instead of brushed. This applies primarily to the central link on the bracelet. Gold is also used for crown and chronograph buttons. We are talking about Omega’s 18k Sedna Gold – this is their Rolex Everose Gold version. These are alloys of 18k rose gold, which do not fade over time as the material wears out.

The grey dial of the Omega Speedmaster Mark II Sedna is similar to the grey and orange models, but without orange, and the gold dial around the auxiliary dial. Also pay attention to some gold for the text on the tachometer scale. Don’t forget, the scale is placed on the dial, underneath the sapphire crystal, and the luminescent agent is applied to the back. This is perhaps the most sophisticated speedometer ever.

On the wrist, the Omega Speedmaster Mark II’s barrel case and bracelet are like gloves – providing an extremely comfortable wearing experience. Even if the situation is thicker, it is the same. Don’t forget that Fake Omega Watches includes a new fine-tuning adjustment buckle on the bracelet that allows you to extend or shorten the bracelet in small millimeters.

If Best Omega Replica Watches decides to choose a black and grey dial, I would like to know what this Omega Speedmaster Mark II will look like. Of course, it will have a slightly more serious look, but I think it will be fun – certainly bolder. The grey color of the dial softens the look and makes it more stylish. It also adds an interesting, almost retro charm to the palette.

If you really like the new Omega Speedmaster Mark II coaxial chronograph, but found that the all-steel model is just too many pedestrians, then this two-color steel model with 18k Sedna gold may only be for you. However, you will pay for the privilege because gold is not cheap (in the watch industry). Reference price 032720435001001 Omega Speedmaster Mark II coaxial chronograph Sedna Gold watch is priced at $ 11,400 – nearly double the size of the all-steel model.

Michael Schumacher Omega Speedmaster Retro Watch: Racing Pedigree Has Excellent Value

In the Formula One fans, Michael Schumacher’s name is expressed in a humble, devout tone, because it belongs to a person, even in this modern exaggerated era, it can be called a racing legend, maybe It is the greatest driver of all. time. From 1991 to 2006 and from 2010 to 2012, the German driver won seven Formula One (F1) World Championships, setting a record for most victories (91) and becoming F1 in 2002. The only driver in history to win the championship three times in each season of the season (breaking the record of most consecutive podiums), and other achievements. Therefore, it is no surprise that he was contacted by Cheap Omega Replica Watches as the brand ambassador of Swiss watchmakers, providing his name and influence to a series of special editions of their iconic Speedmaster series. Although no longer produced, fans of the series will find that in the second-hand market, these watches are extremely valuable compared to other used Omega Speedmaster watches, and are a great way to combine the two passions: racing and Watch.

In 1996, Mr. Schumacher presented the first version of Omega Speedmaster Schumacher at his go-kart track in Kerpen, Germany. It can choose a red or yellow dial (to celebrate the first year of Mr. Schumacher driving Ferrari) and a red or yellow leather strap or stainless steel bracelet. Manufactured from 1996 to 1999, although the case itself does not have the name “Schumacher”, there are many unique items in the watch that mark something unique. This watch is packaged in small rubber tires that can be removed and separated to reveal the watch. On the right side of the tire is Mr. Schumacher’s signature, and on the left is the Omega Replica Watches brand mark. This includes a small booth that prevents the entire waking from rolling off the owner. It has a hesalite crystal, a snap-on back and an automatic 1141 calibre. The case measures 42 mm and the crown is 39 mm (the dimensions are consistent throughout the entire version). Interestingly, the serial number of the movement is printed on the outside of the back cover, not the movement itself.

Following the first Omega Speedmaster Schumacher, the Omega Speedmaster Racing Schumacher World Championship 2000 Limited Edition. The watch is numbered only 10,000, 6,000 of which are black dials and 4,000 are white dials. The watch has the word “Racing” at the top of the dial at 6 o’clock and the red and orange squares on the outside of the dial. It also has a rebound case, but unlike the previous version, it does have Mr. Schumacher’s name, which is engraved on the back of the case and his signature and production number. It comes with a stainless steel strap or black leather strap and comes with an Omega Replica 3220 movement.

In the second year, the Omega Speedmaster World Champion 2001 Schumacher Limited Edition was released, limited to 11,111 pieces. It has a sapphire crystal and carbon fiber dial and an Omega 1152 automatic movement. The hour mark, like the Speedmaster, is a small bar, except at 1 o’clock, where a big “1” is proudly displayed.

At this point, you may have noticed a small trend in the name of the Omega Speedmaster Schumacher watch, the next version is not up to expectations. This version is named the Omega Speedmaster World Champion 2002 Schumacher Limited Edition, numbering limited to 5,555 pieces. It features a sapphire crystal and a carbon-fiber dial, and the word “racing” appears below the Omega brand text at 3 o’clock on the dial. This watch features the Fake Omega Watches 1151 self-winding movement and is known for its day wheels. It is displayed on a white background from Monday to Saturday, but on Sunday, the match day, it is red. Remind any forgetful fans, it is time to listen to the spectacular scene of the day.

In 2002, Schumacher won his fifth world title, in line with the record of Argentine racing legend Juan Manuel Fangio, whose last world champion was in 1957, which was 46 years. before. The Omega Speedmaster series wide arrow Michael Schumacher, in 18k rose gold with a matching bracelet or black leather strap, won this achievement in 2003. It was engraved in “Michael Schumacher – Five World Champions”. It has a black dial and sapphire crystal and is equipped with an Omega 3303 automatic movement. This is the first watch to show Mr. Schumacher’s name on the dial, a performance that highlights the watch reflected in his racing career.

At the end of 2003, Mr. Schumacher made the sixth world championship for Juan-Manuel Fangio, making him the most successful driver in F1 history. This is the OMEGA Super World’s sixth world champion Schumacher limited edition in 2004, this is a series of 6000 watches known for the “Panda” dial.

With Mr. Schumacher’s final champion, the ultimate Schumacher Supermaster, Omega Speedmaster Legend Limited Edition. The watch is easily distinguishable from other watches, the first seven hours of the mark are replaced by numbers, and the number of all titles is won, all on a delicate square carbon fiber dial. It features an Swiss Omega Watches 3313 movement and a crystal display on the back for easy viewing of the internal heartbeat. Around the bezel are all the achievements of Mr. Schumacher: 7 world champions, 250 F1 races, 68 pole positions, 91 victories and 154 podiums. A tribute to the legendary deliberation and classics.

No longer produced by Omega, buyers interested in buying a watch in the series will have to switch to the secondary market. Among all available Omega Speedmaster watches, the Michael Schumacher series is quite available, ranking fourth on eBay on the online auction site, and although ranked fourth, they accounted for only 3.3% of Speedmasters purchased in December 2014. March 2015 (a range of data available for this article). Selling an average of four watches per month, an average of 14 bids per watch, which means that although they are only sold in small quantities, there is still demand, but it must be noted that 14 bids may mean that there are two competing buyers or 14 buyers per watch.

Even with low availability, one of the highlights of buying these watches in the secondary market is the low-end products of the Michael Schumacher series compared to the other series in the Omega Speedmaster series. The average price from December 2014 to March 2015 was $1,495.11, the highest price was $1,999.00, the lowest price was $1,112.00, and the median was $1,635.00. This can be compared to Omega Speedmaster Professional, which has an average total cost of $1,927.06 and an average total cost of $2,327.67 for the Omega Speedmaster Olympic series. For the country of origin, 57% of the Michael Schumacher series Omega Speedmasters are sold by US sellers. Interestingly, the remaining 43% comes from Japanese sellers, which proves the global connection between the Swiss giant and the racing legend.

Interestingly, as his career progressed and his reputation expanded, the accessibility of the Schumacher watch declined. The series is limited to fewer and fewer watches. As mentioned earlier, Schumacher’s ultimate Omega watch is a choice of 18kt rose gold, and the price is suitable for elite buyers. Following the transfer of Mr. Schumacher to Audemars Piguet as a brand ambassador in 2010, he was commissioned to help design watches specifically tailored to his racing needs. Earlier this year, the watch released the Royal Oak Concept Laptimer for $229,500, limited to 221 pieces.

Twenty-four years after his first F1 competition, Mr. Schumacher is still known as one of the great people, even if it is not the greatest, but unfortunately, in the past few years, about this man Many conversations have become even more tragic. On December 29, 2013, when skiing near the resort of Meribel in France, Mr. Schumacher participated in a skiing accident with his son and suffered serious head injuries. He was immediately airlifted to the hospital and placed in an artificial coma and continued to operate to relieve his brain pressure, saving his life, but causing him to paralyze and memory to drop severely. A small step has been taken on the road to recovery in the past few years, but it is still uncertain about the level at which he will operate again.

There is at least a hint of hope in the dark moments of Mr. Schumacher and his family. His son, Mick, recently conducted pre-season testing in the German Formula 4 racing department. If his career reaches anywhere in his father’s height, maybe we will see the second line of Omega Schumacher Speedmasters again in the future.