White dial best replica watches recommended

Imagine the snow-capped winter, the whole world has become pure. Although the winter has not yet come, but the days from the snow is not far off. Just think of the roasted sweet potatoes in the corner of the winter corner, the ice calabash cries, shoes on the snow issued a “creak” sound, can not wait to look forward to the arrival of winter snow days. Speaking of this, snow day and what is more with it – white dial watch.

Vacheron Constantin heritage series 30110 / 000P-9999 watch
Product Type: 30110 / 000P-9999
Domestic price: ¥ 2693000
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Case thickness: 8.1 mm
Movement Type: Manual Machinery
Caliber: Cal.1731
Case material: 950 platinum
Watch Comments: First not to be surprised by the price of this cheap replica watches, let’s take a look at its design. Silver white dial with 950 platinum case, the choice of strap black leather strap. Every design is so classic and timeless, stick-shaped pointer with a simple design of the disk, 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock with a small second disk, the overall simplicity but yet elegant. The use of white, and did not use pure white, but the use of the silver case and similar, which not only maintain the consistency of the design, but also enhance the overall texture of the table. The reason why the price is high, with its use of ultra-thin manual three asked the movement, as well as the selection of materials have a certain relationship, the average person to enjoy the point of view just fine.

Patek Philippe Replica Complications Time Series 5396R-012 watch
Product Type: 5396R-012
Domestic price: ¥ 361300
Watch diameter: 38.5 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: 324 S QA LU 24H / 303
Case material: 18k rose gold
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch Comments: Patek Philippe sophisticated features chronograph famous, a great reason for its meticulous details and the movement’s charm. However, from the appearance of view, it will never lose array. This Patek Philippe 5396 white dial with rose gold case, 6 o’clock with moon phase plate and date display window and the 12 o’clock week display window is symmetrical. Arabic numerals with a sword-shaped time scale pointer, and Patek Philippe heritage traditional watchmaking technology fit the brand culture. White modest, plus warm gold, ah, it is a very gentle temperature watch Oh oh.

Lange Sachsen series 201.027 watch
Product Type: 201.027
Domestic price: ¥ 108000
Watch diameter: 37 mm
Case thickness: 5.9 mm
Movement Type: Manual Machinery
Movement Model: L093.1
Case material: 18k white gold
Watch Comments: two-pin best replica watches, the pointer design as simple as possible. This only Lange Saxony also uses the same silver-silver dial design, the choice of linear time scale, and minimalist style is very fit. Case material selection of 18K white gold, 37 mm diameter is more suitable for slender people to wear. Top brand entry preferred, cost-effective with the price of elegant craftsmanship, refraction watches a very high price.
Summary: Since ancient times, black and white is the right argument between people arguing constantly proposition, for the black plate or white dish preferences, but also a very strong personal sense of choice. Watch House Recommended watch for you, you need to personally try to shop, really on the wrist, to know if it suits you.

How to understand the Omega Replica 14 number

Today I’d like to talk to you about the Omega replica watches forum number. Players, sellers are talking about the number of the table, especially Rolex and Patek Philippe, the watch’s name is “non-existent”, a number, we all know what the table is more convenient to say. In addition to labor and PP, like Vacheron Constantin, Blancpain, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Panerai, Glashütte original, etc., players, sellers are also used to communicate numbers. Only a mainstream brand here is a special case, that is Omega. Because the Omega number is too long, in addition to looking for a specific table, in the WeChat, SMS number, usually no one would say that Omega number. Others number, Panerai 3, Patek Philippe, Blancpain 4, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars 5-digit, the old Rolex 5 digits in the sale of 6-digit, Rolex 6 digit is the number of more, The results Omega directly to a 14-digit, who remember to live? And Omega’s 14-digit number is also divided into 6 segments. For example 311. This is the dark side of the Omega moon number, who opened his mouth, that is the god.

Omega Speedmaster dark side, number 311., below I will use this table as an example.

Although we can not remember, but we can understand ah.
Fellow brothers know that some watches no rule number, some watches have a regular number. The most typical is Rolex, a few figures, different numbers represent different meanings, look at the number can know what the table. Although the Omega number up to 6 14, but Omega instead is the most regular, 6 numbers, each paragraph represents a meaning. Here I will give you a paragraph for a note, after reading, brothers will find that “I rely on, so simple.”
Take the code “311.” of the dark side of Omega Speedmaster for example.

Omega Seamaster 300 meters diving watch, number

Omega number the first paragraph (311. 311)
Omega number the first paragraph of numbers, on behalf of Omega best replica watches review series. For example, 311 stands for Omega Speedmaster series. Several Omega main series numbers are as follows:

123 – Constellation

231 – Sea Horse Aqua Terra

233 – Seamaster 300 (engraved that)

212 – Seamaster 300 meters diving watch

215/232 – Sea Horse Ocean Universe

311 – Supermaster

331 – Super 57

327 – Super Mark II

425 – Ladymatic
Everybody can compare this figure, even if we can not remember, but we look at the first paragraph of numbers, we know that is representative of the various series of Omega watches.

Omega new Seamaster AT, number

The second paragraph of the Omega number (that is, 92 of 311.
Omega number of the second paragraph, on behalf of Omega watch case, bracelet material. For example, 10 on behalf of stainless steel case, stainless steel bracelet. 92 of the dark side of the month on behalf of K gold, stainless steel case and bracelet outside the material, because the dark side of the ceramic table is the month, so 92 is the material other than steel and gold. The second paragraph of the Omega number from 10 to 98 a lot of numbers, because Omega case, bracelet too much material, too many combinations, so a lot of numbers.

Omega Gold constellation, number

Omega number the third paragraph (that is, 311. 44)
Omega number third paragraph figures, representing the size of the watch. Such as the dark side of the month number 44, on behalf of this watch size 44 mm. The third paragraph of figures is more intuitive for us, let’s look at the number to know the size of the watch.

Omega Seamaster 300, number

Omega number fourth paragraph number (311. in 51)
Omega fourth paragraph number, on behalf of the luxury replica watches review movement. The fourth paragraph of the figure is rather special, is divided to see. For example, this 51, divided into 5 and 1. The numbers in front indicate the type of movement, and the numbers in the back represent the number of functions in the movement (number of functions outside the calendar in minutes and seconds). Month of the dark side of the number 51 is how come, I write the following, you see it.

0 – mechanical movement

1 – Observatory movement

2-coaxial escapement movement

3 – chronograph movement

4 – Observatory chronograph movement

5 – coaxial escapement chronograph movement

6 – quartz movement

7 – quartz chronograph movement
Omega Speedmaster dark side 311. The fourth paragraph of the figure is 51, we see at a glance 5, on behalf of coaxial escapement timing, 1 on behalf of the addition of hours and minutes seconds, the calendar, there is an additional function ( Time zone function, because now Omega use 8500 and above the movement, can adjust the time zone alone), so add up to 51.

Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe, number

Omega number fifth paragraph number (311. 01)
Omega fifth paragraph number, on behalf of the dial type. For example, super dark month in the face 311. 01, on behalf of the “black” dial. As before, I’ll also list some of the major color numbers below.

01 – black

02 – silver

03– blue

04 – white

06 – gray

08 – champagne

09 – Ivory

11 – red

12 – yellow

13 – brown
In addition to the major colors listed above, Omega has identified some of the other special dial numbers 51 to 64, and 51 to 64 all refer to gem dials in different colors. For example, 51 is a black gem dial, 52 is a silver gem dial. More special is 99,99 on behalf of a special dial, such as Omega meteorite dial.

Omega Speedmaster 57, number 331.

Omega sixth paragraph number (311. 007)
Omega sixth paragraph number, on behalf of product serial number. This part number is not useful to our players.
I help you brothers summary.
Omega 14 number, 6, sum up is:
Watch series · Case bracelet · Watch size · Movement · Dial · Product serial number

Omega Speedmaster MKII, number 327.

For Omega this set of numbering method, there are players to explore its advantages and disadvantages. I think the advantage is that this set of numbers Omega actually very intuitive, each paragraph represents a fixed meaning. A look at the number of swiss movement replica watches can be found in a variety of configurations, and then at least we can see from the number of watch the size of it. Many other brands watches, like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Blancpain, Panerai, etc., is a number, there is no corresponding so meticulous. As for the shortcomings, some people say that the number of Omega has not included the production year, waterproof some other information. I said no mistake, brother … If you then include other information, then the number is not 20,30 numbers, 14 numbers do not feel long enough?

Gives his girlfriend a list of best high quality replica watches

Every woman said they love jewelry, Marilyn Monroe once said “a woman’s best friend is a diamond.” In actual fact, women love jewelry, but also love the swiss clone watches. Today, I found a few ladies specifically for the ladies will see the immobile watch, put them in your shopping list.

Omega De Ville series watch
Product Model: 424.
Domestic price: ¥ 40800
Watch diameter: 32.7 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: 2500
Case material: stainless steel – red gold
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch Comments: In the field of professional watchmaking, Omega replica watches swiss movement definitely occupy an important position in the industry. The dish flies with chocolate color success eye-catching, red gold with stainless steel case, warm dial and brown leather strap to bring a touch of warmth in the cold winter. Oval date display window at 6 o’clock, equipped with cal.2500 self-winding movement of this dish to fly, whether it is from the design or the quality of the movement, are impeccable.

Bulgari SERPENTI series 102726 SPP27C4PGL watch
Product Model: 102726 SPP27C4PGL
Domestic price: ¥ 58500
Watch diameter: 27 mm
Movement type: quartz
Movement Model: Caliber B033
Case material: 18k rose gold
Waterproof depth: 50 meters
Watch Comments: Bvlgari Fun “Snake” element can be described as easy, SERPENTI series to “snake” element for the design concept, snakehead shape dial and winding strap is its landmark design. This “Green Snake” continues its landmark series of design elements, using green as the main theme, with snake leather strap, making the “Green Snake” image more vivid. Crown inlaid with a convex red cut tourmaline, played a finishing touch.

Ipoh Parkinson Series IW459006 watch
Product Type: IW459006
Domestic price: ¥ 63700
Watch diameter: 37 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: 35800
Case material: stainless steel
Watch Comments: IWC has created many classic series, from the pilot series to this year’s main push De Ville  series, have been the favorite and concern of consumers. In fact, in order to start a universal table, Portofino Fino series is also a good choice, especially in women’s selection of watches, taking into account the practicality of daily wear, it may well be a good choice. Blue dial with the same color strap, 12 o’clock with moon phase plate, with the classic needle design, no matter what the occasion can easily control.
Summary: Have heard such a quibble, “Do not let a woman buy their own table,” in fact, like a man to buy a woman lipstick, buy the “Barbie pink,” “Star color” is often the opposite will bring each other’s A “fat beat.” Since men advertised than women to understand the table, a list of his girlfriend best luxury replica watches have been well for you, please check.

Three women’s omega replica watches recommended

For ordinary consumers, watches are dispensable for them, limited knowledge, so when buying, they also choose to choose from a number of well-known brands, after all, these brands have a large number of buyers, in the This is also a guarantee of quality in their hearts. Today, the watch house recommends three women’s watches for you.

Omega Speedmaster Series “Bright Moonlight” watch
Model: 311.
Movement Type: Self-winding
Case material: white ceramic
Strap material: crocodile skin
Case diameter: 44.25 mm
Price list: 95,800 RMB
Watch Comments: Omega Speedmaster moon replica Series “Light of the Moon” watch, the continuation of the classic series Chaoba series, and the use of white ceramic material, inspired by people looking at the Moon on the Earth when you see the bright glittering, more So named it “Light of the Moon” watch. White zirconia ceramic dial with matte and polished 44.25 mm ceramic case complement each other, more suitable for women to wear. Polished ceramic bezel engraved with matte chromium nitride speed scale. The polished ceramic chronograph button on the watch case can be used solely for its own function, eliminating the risk of chronographs by inadvertently pressing the wrong button. Powered by the coaxial movement of the Omega 9300, it is the first chronograph movement in the family of Omega replica watches review coaxial drives.

Rolex women’s log series watch
Model: m178383-0043
Movement Type: Self-winding
Case Material: 18k yellow gold / stainless steel with diamonds
Strap material: 18k gold / stainless steel
Case diameter: 31 mm
Watch Comments: Rolex log-type watch, the classic appearance of enduring. One of the women’s models chronograph replica watches is do not have a taste, with 31 mm 18k gold / stainless steel diamond case, with the love of Rolex dark green dial, alternative but good-looking. 18k yellow gold / stainless steel bracelet echoes the bezel. Carrying Rolex self-produced 2235 movement, has been the COSC has been tested as the most accurate movement, can provide 50 hours of power reserve.

IWC International Park Tao Fino automatic watch
Model: IW356515
Movement Type: Self-winding
Case Material: 18k red gold with diamonds
Strap material: crocodile skin
Case diameter: 40 mm
Price: 127,000 RMB
Watch Comments: As Portofino Fino series of female models, using 40 mm red gold case, bezel set with 72 beautiful diamonds, the thickness of only 9.5 mm. Silver-plated dial, just the right layout, so clear when reading. Slender Roman numerals and stick hour markers, as well as willow leaf pointers are made of red gold, blue steel second hand for this section watch adds a different beautiful colors. Equipped with 35111 automatic winding movement, providing 42 hours of power reserve.
Summary: Rolex, Omega and all countries, these three brands should be the most influential in the country currently three luxury replica vs original brands, the classic models, in line with popular aesthetic, if you really do not know where this senior watch from Start, buy these three brands is always wrong.

Euphemism gentle female preferred luxury replica watches

When a watch can effectively capture the charm of euphemism women and turn it into the most fascinating look, and the perfect combination of reliable and reliable movement, which should be the first choice of gentle and gentle women watch it. Today’s watch house recommends three gentle and gentle women preferred wristwatch, allowing you to more detailed appreciation of their ultimate charm.

Omega Constellation series 27 mm to the Observatory small seconds watch
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 27 mm
Domestic price: 71,500 RMB
Watch Comments: Omega Constellation series to Zhenzhong Observatory small seconds ladies watch, this section is one of the all steel watch, high cost, more suitable for young and trendy women as its first watch. Constructed in 27mm Case high quality Omega Constellation Replica Series Famous “claw” bezel set with a bracelet with scrubbed links and polished links. White pearl mother-of-pearl dial, 10 diamond hour scale inlaid on the brackets, 6 o’clock position with a calendar window. There is also a small second hand at 9 o’clock and 4 diamonds are embedded in 18K white gold setting in a small dial. Equipped with Omega Cal.8704 coaxial Zhen Zhen Observatory movement, the accuracy of the watch than the general astronomical watch 50% increase, anti-magnetic performance even more 15,000 Gauss, far ahead of the industry level. Watch provides 50 hours of power reserve and 100 meters waterproof. This watch is also Omega’s first double certified (Swiss Observatory and Observatory certified) Ladies watch.

Jaeger-Lecoulme watches series watch day and night
Model: 3468190
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 29 mm
Domestic price: 74,500 RMB
Watch Comments: Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating Series watch, its highly feminine appearance, attracting the eyes of many exquisite watch women lovers. The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch with a 29mm stainless steel case, a mother-of-pearl dial, sleek luster, large Arabic numerals and a 5-minute vertical barrier make reading easy and understandable Embedded in the hour bit 11 beautiful diamonds, Xu Sheng Sheng Hui. 5 rows of stainless steel raindrops bracelet, echoed with the color of the case. Equipped with the function of day and night, in the beautiful but also increased the interesting watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre 967A movement, providing 42 hours of power reserve.

Cartier Panthère de Cartier cheetah watch
Product Type: WSPN0007
Movement type: quartz
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 27 * 37 mm
Domestic price: 35,100 RMB
Watch Comments: The chess replica watches swiss movement was born in the 1980s has been all the rage, although later discontinued, but its distinctive appearance is still called aftertaste. This year, this unique watch collection has been reproduced by the new interpretation of Cartier, so fashionable all the time to reproduce the modern style. Square case smooth lines, with a flexible link chain bracelet, soft clothes in the wrist, the unique temperament is memorable. Made of stainless steel, worn on the wrist like a bracelet in general. Equipped with a quartz movement, eliminating the need to wear a long time without the adjustment time troubles, but also provides a high cost.
Summary: The three watches are very delicate in appearance, embodies the designer’s whimsy. Wear the wrist more shows the gentle side of a woman, I believe, few people can refuse its charm.