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In Geneva watch auction (Geneva Watch Auction), after 19 minutes of bidding, OMEGA (OMEGA) the history of an important and unique prototype stainless steel Tourbillon eventually to 1428500 Swiss francs to clinch a deal, a new world record and hit a OMEGA watch auction.
OMEGA’s 1947 “Tourbillon 30 I” archetype flywheel wrist watch refresh the brand auction record

OMEGA “Tourbillon 30 I” archetypal flywheel wrist watch
This has a good performance of prototype tourbillion timepiece Pierre bearing the important significance in the history of the manufacture of watches, the tourbillon escapement wheel by Guillaume (Guillaume), at the time for the application of technology in the field of Tourbillon watch has opened up a new road. The watch is the first prototype of a series of OMEGA flywheel watches in the late 1940s, but it was not made publicly before.
The wrist watch uses 37.5 millimeter fine steel case, carrying OMEGA “30 I” manual upper chain, and both the dial and the clasp are decorated with OMEGA logo. The attached OMEGA file excerpt shows that the wristwatch, produced in 1947, is the only “Tourbillon 30 I” wristwatch of OMEGA’s existing manufacturing year.
In 1947, OMEGA produced 12 pieces of only 30 mm in diameter in the “30 I” tourbillon movement, and participated in the Geneva Observatory (Geneva Observatory), the Neuchatel Observatory (Neuchatel Observatory) and Kew Teddington Observatory (Kew-Teddington Observatory) – “omega fake watches ebay” category test. From 1947 to 1952, the 12 movements participated in several wrist watch tests, and even scored high scores in the 1950 Geneva Observatory’s “wrist watch” category.
The wrist watch of this flywheel has not been known for the past few decades. Its unique feature is that it does not carry one of the 12 Tourbillon wheels produced by OMEGA, but a wrist watch made by the brand in 1947, which is self-evident for the history of the watch making industry and the OMEGA brand.
Now, OMEGA has developed the world’s only coaxial flywheel coaxial core. The movement was born in Switzerland OMEGA Bill Tourbillon studio, by many builders of R & D efforts and handmade watchmaking, its exquisite craftsmanship is greatly.